Fly Fishing Instruction

Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge offers fly fishing instruction anytime on how to get started fishing for the lunker trout and salmon of the Great Lakes. Most people are pleased to discover that tributary fly fishing is not a complicated proposition to start.  It’s in fact probably easier to get started with some basic tackle then say match the hatch inland trout fishing scenarios.  The basic techniques can be mastered in a short time and the business of hooking and landing the fish of a lifetime can happen sooner than you think! Our practice of being accommodating to all sporting anglers is a serious tenet of our approach to instruction. We would not suppose to insult our customers’ desire to learn.  We really want to see you have fun fly fishing!

The shop typically hosts Fly Fishing classes in the Spring.  All of the basics of tributary fly fishing are covered including run timing, fishable tributaries, stream etiquette, rods, reels, equipment, casting techniques and fly presentation. The one-day class includes hands-on, streamside demonstrations. Time and water conditions permitting, students can cast for 10 pound+ steelhead at the end of the day.  And, a hearty lunch is always included in the nominal class fee. After completing the course, students can look forward to the entire Fall, Winter and Spring tributary fishing season to hone their skills. Overnight lodging can be arranged for out of town students, as well.

The Spring class also covers some advanced techniques used for Winter and Spring steelhead fishing. Classes cover material during a one-day session that an intermediate or beginning fly fisherman may come to learn on his or her own over the course of several seasons. All fly fishermen can benefit from course instruction as we should never presume to know it all. Often just being shown a fresh perspective is worth enrolling for instruction. If you are interested in more information for the class, contact Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge.

Fly Tying Instruction

Although die-hard Steelheaders ply the icy waters all winter long hoping to do battle with a silver chromer, Winter can also be a great time to stock up depleted fly boxes.

Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge offers a 6-week fly tying course covering all of the basic tributary patterns. For the first week, students learn some relatively simple patterns. From there, each week builds upon the next so that students learn to not only tie specific patterns but also the application of select tying techniques so that many other patterns can be tied.

After the course, the new tier can look at nearly any fly and determine how the fly was constructed and with what materials. The fly tying instructors include commercial tiers and experts with many years of collective experience. If you have never experienced it, you owe it to yourself to feel the sense of accomplishment of catching a trout or salmon on a fly of your own creation. It’s a great thrill!

Advocacy & Information

Here at Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge we work hard in support of the tremendous trout and salmon fishing in Lake Ontario and the tributaries. The owner often consults with Orleans County Tourism for fishery related issues.  The owner also sits on the Lake Ontario Fishery Management Focus Group and the Binational (US and Canada) Stakeholder Group by NYSDEC invite.  He is also a 2019 member of the NYS Governor’s Task Force for the Reimagine the Canals.  The owner does these things as a concerned stakeholder AND out of genuine respect/conservation for the resource. None of us should take for granted the truly World Class angling we enjoy. In that regard you’ll find Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge in support and lobbying for things like consistent water feed for the Oak Orchard River from the Erie Canal, good public access along the tribs and reasonable creel limits to name just a few. We support catch and release and have zero tolerance for any illegal “fishing” methods. Snagging in any of its practiced forms just takes opportunities and enjoyment away from all of us. If you are interested in checking out a great organization that’s main focus is enhancing the tributary fishing please check out the Lake Ontario Steelhead Association (LOSA).

We provide nearly daily fishing conditions and information throughout the fall, winter and spring via this website and a recorded phone message. The reports are accurate and current to our best ability based upon angler reports, direct observation and experience. Under almost any conditions, good or bad, there is the opportunity to hook a trout or salmon and the reports reflect that.   That is just the nature of how good this tributary fishery typically is.  Any decisions for trip making/travel are obviously personal and we cannot predict any future fish migrations or weather/water conditions.  Because of the nuances of weather, water flow, angler skill and fish migrations, experiences can vary. Conditions can and do change on a moments notice without our immediate knowledge. No guarantee of success, natural conditions or safety is ever implied. Out of respect for the fishery and other limitations, the reports are somewhat grounded, and we encourage anglers to visit the shop for more details. Come experience the great fishing based upon an informed decision. If you don’t, you’ll probably miss some great fishing action!


Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge is an official drop station for Angling Artisans Rich Bennett.  The taxidermist produces amazingly realistic mounts so that you may treasure the memory of a trophy trout and salmon for many years afterward. The taxidermists can produce exceptional reproductions with little more than a photograph and length-girth measurements. With the investment in a reproduction, you support the fishery, and keep the sport alive for the future.  Models can all be viewed at the shop, so please stop by.

License Sales

 To round out the services Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge provides in its mission toward being accommodating to all sporting anglers, customers can purchase the appropriate New York State fishing license. Internet sales are made quicker and easier by retaining your old or expired license and presenting it upon purchasing a new one.