The Captains combined experience and specialized trolling tactics are unmatched.  All are adept at hooking and landing the World Class trout and salmon that inhabit the Lake Ontario waters of the Oak Orchard area.  The Captains are in full support of tributary angling and know full well that good trib fishing means good lake fishing, and vice versa.  Catch and release is often practiced by the Captains on the lake and they enjoy some of their spare time on the tributaries as well.

Captain Butch Cooley and Pisces Charters
Catch a mixed bag of trophy trout and
salmon with Captain Cooley!

Captain Butch is the fishermen’s fisherman.  A fine Great Lakes charter captain, he possesses experienced backed knowledge that always puts his clients where the big trout and salmon are.  The Captain has been a lifelong Orleans County resident, so you know you are fishing with a local! Pisces Charters always provides a memorable trip and the Captain’s great optimism will see to that.  Captain Butch is a USCG licensed Captain who fishes the proven Oak Orchard area from April through September.  The Oak Orchard area has fantastic trout and salmon water thanks to the structure and currents found there. 

Captain Butch enjoys a busy trolling season thanks to many repeat customers!  No other captain works as hard in the back of the boat tending to downriggers, lines and changing spoons to find the spread that produces best. A 31 foot Baha with a wide beam makes for comfortable fishing. Captain Butch can lead you to great spring brown trout and coho salmon. Later in the trolling season it’s time to go after the mighty King salmon where 30 plus pounders are possible through July and August. Not one to pass up any other opportunity that presents itself, huge bottom hugging lake trout or offshore steelhead can be caught and targeted at select times too. Contact Contact Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge for more information and to arrange an outing.

Captain John Oravec and Tightlines Charters
Fish-a-plenty in the Niagara River and on the Niagara Bar!

Captain Oravec is a rare breed of pure fisherman.  The Captain is at home on the water in all four seasons of the year and spends countless hours as a professional fisherman.  He possesses knowledge of fish habits, water and weather conditions like no other armchair expert.  John Oravec is affectionately known as “Troutman” and is constantly in tune with where the trophy trout and salmon are. 

When the captain is not pursuing the giant trout and salmon of Lake Ontario in the Oak Orchard area during the trolling season, he can be found drifting the brawling waters of the Niagara River and the Niagara Bar.  The waters of the Niagara are a magnet for lake trout, steelhead and brown trout from the Fall through Winter and early Spring.  Knowledge is valuable when you want to fish powerful waters like the Niagara, and the Captain possesses all the skills and equipment necessary to find the trophies.  Captain Oravec has published fishing articles in national fishing publications. He leads fall muskie trips on the St. Lawrence River and exciting night time salmon trips on the Oak Orchard River.  Contact Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge for more information or to arrange an outing.

Buc-A-Roo Charters and Captain Ron Penna and
Captain Chas Townsend

Come experience premier fishing for hard fighting salmon!

Captain Ron Penna is the owner and operator of Buc-A-Roo Charter Service.  He has over 25 years of boating and fishing experience to provide an enjoyable fishing trip.  Captain Ron is a gentleman fisherman and will always do whatever he can to provide a quality experience for his clients.  The Captain enjoys a solid reputation and provides more trophy trout and salmon trolling trips in a month then some captains handle all year!  World Class trout and salmon fishing are the norm!

Buc-A-Roo Charters is recognized as one of the premier charter operations on Lake Ontario.  Captain Ron runs a roomy 33-foot Flybridge Sport Fisherman with a 12-foot beam.  It is equipped with the latest electronics and fishing equipment.  Client comfort and satisfaction are top priorities for the Captain.  Captain Ron long ago decided he wanted to provide the premier experience for his clients so he operates not with a First Mate, but with another licensed Charter Captain, Captain Chas.  The two Captains are an unbeatable team in providing professional service.  Multiple boats and corporate parties can be arranged.  Contact Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge for more information or to arrange an outing.

Captain Chas Townsend and Searcher Charters
Oak Orchard River Sportfishing

Captain Chas is your man for non-traditional game fish action on the Oak Orchard River and nearby Lake Ontario in-shore waters. After the big lake trolling action slows down in the fall, yellow perch stage up in the lower Oak Orchard River. The action is best for these tasty fish in October, November and December. These Lake Ontario fish are big and Captain Chas will target them as long as there is open water to launch the boat.